• About Me

    EDS Schoenborn Orchards is a family owned and run wholesale apple firm with roots in Conklin, Michigan. To help manage the rising needs of the apple firm — from growth and picking to packing and sales — the company employs over 30 full-time workers and over 120 during harvest time.


    Our Background


    The orchards date back to 1954, when Emmett Schoenborn bought a plot of land from his father, Peter Schoenborn, to develop an apple orchard.


    Emmett Schoenborn managed the orchard for nearly 30 years before formally inviting his sons, Steven and David Schoenborn, to join him in the business in 1984. EDS Schoenborn Orchards was founded by the three men, and it is still managed as a family business on 510 acres in Conklin, Michigan.


    Travis Schoenborn, David's son - the third generation of stewardship — assists David in running the farm and managing operations. The family always hopes that a Schoenborn will run the company over the years. Steven, David's brother, is semi-retired, with Travis and Joshua taking over day-to-day operations.


    What Makes Us Unique


    EDS Schoenborn, as a family-run business, continues to be devoted to providing high-quality apples to consumers in western Michigan and beyond. We are dedicated to satisfying the requirements of our community and the objectives of our clients, many of whom we consider neighbors, either locally or across the state.


    What Makes Us Special


    As a multi-generational family farm, we understand small companies' difficulties across America, especially in rural communities. We work hard to collaborate with other farmers to guarantee that high standards of care and quality are always reached.

    Small farms and orchards must collaborate to ensure the survival of the American family farm and the values it represents faith, family, community, and nation.


    Our Customer Service Priority


    Our commitment to client service extends all year. We have two customers as active orchard with apple canning facilities. First, we consider our wholesale purchasers to be an extension of our family, and we work hard to satisfy all order specifications with high-quality apples ready for use in recipes, cider, and display on supermarket and other shop food shelves.


    Customers who like our apples' crisp, fresh taste are also customers, and we strive to supply the greatest quality apples for all applications. We know that the final customers of our apples want to serve the greatest meals available to family and friends, from bobbing for apples at an autumn carnival to holiday pies and hot apple cider. To assist them, we continue to focus on safe orchard management, storage, and packing to deliver the greatest purchasing experience possible.


    Vision and Mission


    Our orchard strives to help various businesses and organizations fulfil goals connected to sustainable food sourcing by offering high-quality local produce to the western Michigan area and beyond.


    We believe in offering a high-quality product to all customers and work hard to meet all orders efficiently and with the consistent quality that customers expect from their local orchards.


    We want to safeguard the family farm and feel that providing constant care for our orchard, customers, and employees is the best way to accomplish it.


    Services Provided


    Our orchard has been operating for nearly 70 years, yet it always evolves to suit new demands. After years of working together to run the farm, David and Steven Schoenborn discovered that by bringing packaging services in-house rather than outsourcing to other firms, they could better serve the needs of the community and its wholesale customers.


    The orchard may better maintain quality until wholesalers approve the delivery of the apples by supervising the packing process. The orchard also expanded its economic impact on the surrounding community. The packing line created additional job opportunities for both domestic and migrant workers, and the 510-acre farm could regulate better and forecast future capacity, labour, and earnings growth.


    Service Advantages


    Our orchard employs roughly 20 people year-round and seasonally, with a combination of domestic and non-domestic migrant labour for orchard duties and roles in the apple packing house.


    Wages are competitive, and because of the high-quality work environment and graded pay structure, the orchard frequently draws return seasonal workers. Employees may also be eligible for performance-based bonuses.

    We are devoted to providing employees with a safe and positive work environment. We analyze current processes and any employee complaints regularly to learn, grow, and implement new best practices focused on worker care.

    The organization implements any necessary modifications to help workers feel comfortable and satisfy the family enterprise's performance and quality goals through regular suggestions and the employment of interpreters to relay concerns of non-English speaking workforce members.